2Virgins – Buckwild

Singers: 2Virgins

Lyrics 2Virgins – Buckwild

Hook: Don Jarvis
We gon’ party buckwild
Look at shawty buckwild
Take a shot, pour it up, yeah yeah we buckwild
We be turnt like all of the time
Buckwild every night
Gettin’ all these chicks callin’ my line
Buckwild every night

Verse 1: Taylor Caniff
Pukin’ in the sink, had too many drinks
That I can’t think my eyes won’t blink
Shots on shots on shots (what)
Thots on thots on thots
We’re getting chopped in the condo that I bought
I’m too hot, you too not
This is how we live man
I hope God forgives me
We just livin’ it up

Fill up my cup only if you want
Good times and good vibes
No ifs, ands, or buts
Bounce, shot, pretty sure that’s two cups

Hook x2: Don Jarvis

Verse 2: Dillon Rupp
Sunscreen or I’ll be burnt
Red alert, I’m burnt
No, red alert, I’m too turnt, too turnt
Faded with no return
Don’t be too concerned
All of dis I earned
We party to the max
Got money and gas
Winnin’ like runnin’ laps
White boy throwin’ down raps
We hooked up the tap
Now everyone’s gets that we buy and supply

Just so we can have a good time (huah)

Hook x2: Don Jarvis

Verse 3: Dillon Rupp
I get back, girl she smiled
She know we gettin’ wild
Copy my style, what, was in denial
Live like we retired
Good vibes, it’s required
Got it DJ, I hired
Play it loud or refire
Sleep all day, never tired
All these kids inspired
Because they admire that this party never expired
This is no fun, sorry no liars
We too hott, starting a fire
Rollin’ up like a tire (Hwa!)

Hook x2: Don Jarvis

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