Starlito – 100, I Shute Pt. 2

Singers: Starlito
Albums: Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout
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Lyrics Starlito – 100, I Shute Pt. 2


Forty in my sweatpants, yeah
’cause I got ’bout forty in my sweatpants, and I ain’t took no advance
I just got a (shh), I’m ’bout to switch the address
Just jumped out a rental, had a hundred in the armrest

Fucked her on her lunch break ’cause she slid in my comments
Yeah I used a condom, I got common sense
I just made some extra, tryna reinvest it
Had her and her bestie, drive me down to Texas
Get a lot of money in Florida, I’ll be down there next week
Then jet to the west for the best weed
One deep with that heat, yeah just me
One deep with that, I’m with that
If you can’t hit me on my flipper I ain’t speaking with you
These lil niggas seem like they bite the hand that feed ’em quicker
Thought about beefin’ with you, had to reconsider
That shit ain’t beneficial, I been official (one hundred)
One hundred dollars worth of smoke, stuffed it in a swisher
Hundred dollars for her throat, and then you kiss her
Hundred dollars ten oh four, and I ain’t missing
A hundred suckers slick dissin’, but I ain’t listen
Run through a hundred in ten seconds like its the Olympics
Hundred shots in these two clips I taped up, anyone can get it
I’m the type to spend a hundred, make a hundred fifty
Then I make a hundred ten, it’s profit, fuck it, I ain’t trippin’
Tell all my hoes to rake them hundreds up but I ain’t tippin’
Was supposed to fly out early this morning, I got high and missed it
She asked me what I want for Christmas, told her buy me a pistol
And I want a three way for my birthday, yeah you know I’m crazy
And while you at it put a hundred on my homie’s J-Pay
I ain’t slept in a week, and I ain’t been home in eight days
And I ain’t on no vacation
I may own a PlayStation but I ain’t known to play games
I just know that they lame, no I ain’t gonna say names
I ain’t gonna say nothing but call my lawyer, I been known to take aim
Nigga hundred I shoot
Nigga fuck I look like runnin’ from you?
You either broke or stupid, one of the two

If you’re gonna be born and raised in this country, be an entrepreneur
Be an entrepreneur
That’s the greatest welfare system I know, is entrepreneurship
Well you know, I take a prostitute all around the world with me if I want to, long as I call her my secretary, it’s a tax write-off
I mean, a business, we business people, we can go and buy all the booze we want to buy for lunch and a welfare mother would have trouble tryna get free apple juice for the baby, it’s just so insane
But this country is set up for entrepreneurship, and if you not gon’ be an entrepreneur you should leave


Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout