Starlito – 5th Song

Singers: Starlito
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Lyrics Starlito – 5th Song


I know a lot of people might not be from where we from
The following may not be my true story… but it’s still a true story

Verse 1: Don Trip

Shawty sell everything in the house
Flatscreens, xbox, shit even pots and pans
Toaster oven, microwave, dvd, children clothes
Even food stamps, just to get a gram
Even pawn her baby bike, powerwheel, infa-meal
Shit, she’ll sell anything she can
Now my kid get to eat
But her kids in the street
Well I sell D so I don’t give a damn
Life sucks, I don’t give a fuck
She’ll get high no matter what; I might as well be the man
Might as well take the dope and hit the trap with a plan
Had to get my ass in and provide for my fam
It’s a cold cruel world, that’s somebody’ little girl
Momma, grandmomma, sister, cousin, aunt
Prolly even mine, how I do this to my kin?
Ever since they let the cocaine in we been damned
They been at it since the 70’s, I was born in 85′
Know you want to blame me but you can’t
Momma wasn’t home, daddy up and van
Big brother got killed on the same block I stand
Uncle sold dope, all my cousins got slammed
Evidently this is who I am
I was raised off the soul food
Now I gotta get it how I can with the chickens and the yams

Verse 2: Starlito
Cocaine hitters
Broken car antennas
Product of broken homes
Break in homes erry muhfuckin day
Broke his momma heart
Saw him in a box, heart stopped, cause he was broke and just wanted to get payed
Take mine?, okay, don’t play
50 shots, AK
47 equals First 48
This mind?, this grind, this nine, on my waist, round my way
Young niggas wear they crimes on they face
And they robbin all times of the day
Not me, (POW, POW, POW, POW, POW, POW), that’s all I’m gonna say
If they ever try to set me up, I’m shootin that bitch first
Kill these niggas with kindness and blew kisses at the hearse
In a pew sittin at the church, with a fuckin smirk
Heart cold, I’m a soldier though, it match this big bag of purp
If it’s true you are what you smoke, then that make me a OG
So a bunch a regula ass niggas, 100 a OZ, you know me
It’s Lito