Starlito – Alphabet Soup

Singers: Starlito
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Lyrics Starlito – Alphabet Soup


Really I just wanted to do it cause they told me I couldn’t
«you went from A-Z I bet you can’t go from Z-A»

Verse 1: Z-A

I’mma start with Z.Y? cause I was on the «X»
Last night at the «W» I almost fucked my Ex, and
That be the worst but sometimes that be the best
Get on the «V» and tell her to undress!
Like I’m talkin to «U» you in the green dress
My Iced-out piece the size of Joe’s T.S
Hundred thousand dollar car, yeah she know who I «R»
My nigga «Q» strapped they be breakin down the gar
I’m hot I can’t smoke, gotta see my P.O
Roy and them N-M
got the «L» look like 1994
The «K» in the bushes, the neighbors keep lookin
For the «Js» their cookin, the police crooked
«I» swear I ball like an under payed rookie, for real
I got 500 pills meet me at «H.G». Hills,
They scoopin niggas up yes indeed
Couple partners of mines just went «F.E.D»
That’s why I keep tellin «C» to «B» careful «A»
I’m cold my momma say I’m special
Man I keep tellin Ed be careful
Sons need fathers be an uncle to your nephews god bless you

Verse 2: A-Z
I was like «A» I ain’t the nigga you wana «B»
Cause you don’t understand what you can’t «C»
I sold «D» sold «E» but «F» it I’m still a «G»
Used to get H.I. back when I was 18,

Servin the «Js» had to get me a «K»
Back when I was on the «L» it could go down any day,
I went to college but no! I ain’t get a degree
See I figured rap music was the route for me
Went to the «M, holla’d at gotti cause he heard my CD
Ended up in the N.O. but I wasn’t with «P»
That was my «Q» I’m like
Man I don’t care who you are
I bet you ain’t fuckin with S.T.A.R. nah
You might of had too many U.V. rays
You can «W» I mean clone yourself and lose 3 ways
What you on X or something, what is you high?
I’m finished «Y» cause I’m at «Z» bye!

I’m Starlito no, no there’s no equal…
No saccharin, no Nutrisweet
I’mma show you the difference between you and me

Verse 3
I A-M the man
Even if I was spittin iambic pentameter
You can’t deter my path
«A bend in the road is not the end of the road»
I just laugh, I can take a money bath
I don’t conversate with rats… but I just want the cheese
So I’ll kill you to make sure I eat capisce…
«oh» you can call me gangster
But I do not associate with none of you wanksters
Pranksters ain’t you? they say I can’t freestyle
Why should I when they pay me like 10 Gs now?
For every verse that I write, every verse I recite
Every show I perform, its like every other night

You try to cut off my pockets… my math book got all it fuckin pages I expect you to hate me