Starlito – Black John Stockton

Singers: Starlito
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Lyrics Starlito – Black John Stockton


Despite her past, she can’t help the attraction
He tells her he’s nothing like the last one
He redefines in every way what love is

She fell for him and hasn’t gotten up yet

(DJ Logan Garret)

They’re trying to gentrify rap
I blame it on Sound Cloud, stealing my verses off iCloud

Fighting the truth, trying to hide but I think it’s alright, girl
Yeah, I think it’s alright, girl

Black John Stockton
Lito, Lito

Might record Stepbrothers 4 on DAT tapes
I hit the lab in 11th grade, right before the JV game
Fucked up my Jays in the mud, it was a rainy day
Next year dropped 20 on ’em, made the Sports page
Barely shot the 25 twice in the air, parking lot of the team night
Next day I made a 29 on my ACT, I would’ve got a 30 if I slept right

Gifted, it feel like a curse
Could’ve played ball, probably should’ve been a nerd
Had to adapt when everyone in your habitat either got a habit or they serving
I was rapping these verses — Grind Hard
I never thought it wouldn’t work
Imma do my homework but imma move these zones first
Had to do my leg work, I wasn’t in the game, something like a red shirt
Yeah, I had the walk on, you — you got put on, that’s worse

And tattoos cover scars, coming up motherfucker we had to drive each others cars, and drive our mothers nuts catching charges

That’s why I said I Grind Hard
Used to want my stats on a basketball card, I’ll settle for plaques on the wall
Getting love every night, now the bankroll Spudwell; stacks that tall

5’7″, just like my weapon, that FN-30
Like Dale said Stephen, 30
Dirty, like flirting with the reverend at a wedding, after she woke up in bed with the best man
Damn, that’s wifey

Just got a Rebook Classic check with some Nike
I was in the middle of the streets with a rifle;
I just had a little bit of cheese, but I recycled
Could’ve been a lifer, looking back I should be
Half my hood got indicted, so on behalf of my hood, man, they’re fighting the truth, trying to hide and they think it’s alright

(DJ Logan Garret)

Hot Chicken July 4th

I ain’t gonna lie, I gave my life to this shit


Every now and then I go outdoor, ya’ll know
Path less taken and I’m off-road riding dirty
Underground, borderline legendary, bloodline hereditary, Momma’s brother hustled in the cemetery

My other uncle just got out the penitentiary
I never call a hoe after she hang up
I came up, but every time~ I kinda say it ain’t enough
I had to clean my Space Jams on the way to the game
‘Cause the music came first and I still haven’t changed
Grind Hard

(DJ Logan Garret)

July 4th
Hot Chicken