Starlito – Glitch

Singers: Starlito
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Lyrics Starlito – Glitch


Verse 1: Starlito
I’m glitching out
Ready to find a different route
Tired of these hotel suites,kicking bitches out

I just be kicking it how I be kicking it
I never switch my style
You borrowed your flow and your jewelry so what you really bout
Don’t want know friends or no favors
Long as my family fine
Them niggas made millions off their music and they lying
Old bitch ass nigga we see your panty line(laughs)
Like we ain’t know you been a fan of mine
Riding in your new shit on that old star
And if I ain’t the truth
That’s what you told star
Better call for some help just like the On-Star
When every seat got signed by me here lately its been on star
Financing my own campaign
Reaching in my own pocket
Trying to keep my head up
Tired of looking at these foamposites
2 words to them pussy niggas: Keep hating
And till them record labels pay me
I’m a free agent
Talking the dope shit
I’m starting to think they free basing
Nigga you ain’t sold shit!
I’m in these streets that you ain’t in
I been in cars that got shot up
I think I’m ghost dad
Walk around this bitch fresh to death minus the toe tag
Ill be a real nigga if I had no cash
And you gone die a fucking fake with cho broke ass
I thought about my haters before I wrote this rap
And how we went from Kobe and Shaq to Kobe and Shaq
I won’t say fuck you
But why the fuck was you holding me back
This my life motherfucker!!
I ain’t supposed to relax
Oh its to personal?
Well what the fuck you listening for
This here is just my therapy
While puffing on this medicinal
Oh, you might say medical
Smoking is my investment though
Cause niggas will still purchase purp but won’t go to the record store
So how a download link gone pay my NES
That’s why that blog site bullshit don’t bring me any stress
And let them internet gangstas go kill off all the viruses
I just put out my own shit hoping y’all admire it
Dope rapper
Real nigga
I meet all requirements
But all the pressure from the hoes maybe I should talk to a fireman
No children or abortions that I supported
Reasonable emotions until then I’m higher than my mortgage

20 P’s in a 300 C
And its that strong so middleman gone need 100g’s
And you don’t want these 99 problems, 100 G’s
And I say 99 cause I’m not even gonna squeeze
You’re a wanna be that don’t want nun of me
Gotta be,I gotta be getting paid if you re gonna see