Starlito – Money Cacti

Singers: Starlito
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Lyrics Starlito – Money Cacti


Verse 1: Starlito

Vegas ya
My homeboy just domed a nigga
I just hope the lord forgive him

I just hope the lord forgive him

Trying to change and simultaneously stay the same
Just grinding for change, gone way past insane
Streets made me a beast, had to hustle to eat, (had to)
On my feet going on day 3 like what the fuck is sleep,(ugh)
We count the money we don’t see the sheep
Nor the wolves, dress like them
We strike shepherds with lightning, (frightening)
20 shots in that FN and fuck who don’t like me
Got one in the hole and 100 large that says that you won’t fight me
They ain’t fucking with me, 40 year old virgin that’s that drop Chevelle
Dashboard digital, its trying to be like my scale
Red bottoms on my 2k12, bitch I don’t buy Chanel
Make them suckers pay for nails, (ya) weave as well
I’m head that way on Sunday meet me at the 12
Seem like all I do is shop and sip syrup in ATL
I bet your favorite rapper probably fake as hell
Today my birthday so I woke up in Las Vegas ya

Woke up in Las Vegas ya
Woke up in Las Vegas Ya,(for real)
Today my birthday so I woke up in Las Vegas ya
With ya Bitch, (ya bitch)

Verse 2: Starlito
Just keep doing that shit you doing see where it get ya
Too many pictures on too many shirts now I get the picture
As a kid all I wanted was some draulics and some bitches

Ain’t to proud to say I probably got some issues
Trying to make a killing
Like I’m mixing prescriptions with the liqueur
Living like I don’t need a kidney or a liver
Plus a nigga probably kill me before an illness,real shit
I’m just getting back, and I’m packing my bags off this guilt trip
Feel this pain, na, feel this truth
Reality shows really killing all the youth
You can be whatever, they concealing all the proof
And if I make it out these streets, I did it all for you, (for you)
Listen I’m a get it all without a job with a suite
Went to college at 17 and again at 22
Still ain’t finish, want to, but its real expensive
Plus I got bills and business, I ain’t chilled minute
Nor slept, cause, I ain’t in that Porsche yet
Challenger, Charger, Corvette
Feature price on the rise, like my credit score is
Get out here and get it, na ain’t no multiple choices
Think this shit a game and ain’t no joystick
Ain’t thinking about a mortgage’s when they can’t afford an abortions
Brenda’s blowing out her brains and then she’ll blame it on her boyfriend
All the same, when he saying he won’t support them
Most my niggas grinding up just to pay off they lawyers, so unfortunate
Probably never know what a fortune is
But the materialistic world we in, probably never know how poor we is
Wasn’t alive when he was playing but I bet he know who Jordan is
Want to dress and dance like the video girls and sing along to the chorus’s
Its horrific, how long we going to ignore this shit (how long we going to ignore this shit)
Ain’t trying to change the world, but, ain’t going to act like I enjoy this shit
An I ain’t signed because I refuse to be exploited
Which brings me to the conclusion of this recording

Its Lito

Ya bitch (ya bitch)

That’s just how I feel, (ya)
That’s just how I feel, (go)

You fucking heading hoes, no way