Starlito – PTSD

Singers: Starlito
Albums: Starlito – Insomnia Addict 2
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Lyrics Starlito – PTSD


What we gotta do to get it right?
Lately all we seem to do is fight
I just had a dream ’bout you last night
Driving, thought I seen you at the light

I don’t know, fuck

Still wartorn and scarred
Forgot to remember anything next morning from off them bars
Twenty bullets hit the car, all of ’em meant for Star
Got to pay rent tomorrow, car too dark to disregard
I miss my squad, at war with myself, pissed with God
Now I’m feeling these changes, slowly turning to this old head, man fuck that
Just an eighties baby with some old bread
We used to pray just not to go fed
Where would I be if I ain’t, man free Roy Gold, homie hold your head
I just been riding ’round lurking, I ain’t go to bed
Used to just ride around serving out an Oldsmobile
Never in a million years thought I would outgrow the Ville
I still would sell out my liil shows just so you know it’s real
Grind hard, received this as an opus, call it finally focused
You ever really been in a shootout and you was tryna reload?
Fuck, cry one tear, no bucket
Two Glocks and they twins, call ’em Kirby and Puckett
Tryna get it right and make it right, I keep it right
Probably one of the reasons I can’t sleep at night
Tired of holding back tears
Just checked my watch, it’s time to let go of my fears
Where I’m going, I have no idea
My whole career, I’m just thuggin’, but I made the most of it, yeah

I’m just hustlin’ but I made some folks love me
So fuck it, here goes nothing, now it’s something
Went from nothing to something
Way too private for my life to be so public and function
I ain’t gon’ lie here, lately I been thinking kind of destructive
Angry how I became allowed ’cause I got better judgement than that
That nigga signed, why I ain’t fuckin’ with that
My bitch hit me every hour like why I ain’t loving her back?
Mama even told me boy you shouldn’t ever mistreat her
She love you like I love you and you ain’t gon’ see it ’til she leave

What we gotta do to get it right?
Lately all we seem to do is fight
I just had a dream ’bout you last night
Driving, thought I seen you at the light, yeah

Skinny nigga, big dreams
Since long braids and tall tees
Whether I had a little bit or a lot, it was all me
Thought like a boss even though nobody taught me
Often took a smaller piece just to make sure we all eat
Loyalty mean more to me than a tattoo
Grind hard, and there’s more to me than these rap tunes
Take it back to the avenue
You don’t have a clue
Go to sleep grindin’, wake up hustlin’
Shit that’s how we had to do
Still have flashbacks too, ridin’ ’round strapped with the ?
Shoutout the shawty that bought us all them bullets
Tryna get straight, I always thought so crooked

Eh, Lito
My common sense sayin’ I should move along
Ain’t no love at home
All my guns throwaways
Just threw away another phone
Underground underdog, the hood took me under, yeah


Starlito – Insomnia Addict 2