Starlito – Stir Crazy

Singers: Starlito
Albums: Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout
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Lyrics Starlito – Stir Crazy


Don Trip:
Yeah, I woke up this morning, oh how fortunate
I worked too hard to make it out the bottom, I can’t let you force me back
Try my damndest to listen to y’all, but there’s gotta be more to rap

I mean I hear half the shit you niggas spit, but I can’t find a fact
Silly me to have faith in you
I must admit, you had me fooled
I thought niggas really meant the shit that they say
I obviously had no clue
Here I am faced with a fan with some sort of attitude
Pissed at me ’cause I don’t agree with pictures at my daughter’s school
Back in 2010, a car full of fans decided they’d follow me home
Very next day, I went and put two percent tints on everything I own
I had my son and my niece in the car, I had that Carbon-15 in the car
I’m ’bout to let that bitch burn if they take the next turn, don’t know who the fuck these people are
I don’t know what the fuck they think this is
Think they gon’ do me in front of my kid
I was straight paranoid out of my mind
I was gon’ bust and let nobody live
I was gon’ clear that bitch out
See where I’m from you don’t let ’em get the drop on you
I was gon’ shoot ’til I peeped they was throwin’ up E’s and playing my shit from YouTube

Killa Kyleon:
You know a bullet ain’t got no name
And nowadays niggas don’t fear that chrome
I think them niggas never had to hear that song
Devin said gangsters don’t live that long
Their attitude like they got a lot to prove
Not much to gain but a lot to lose
In the hood their diplomas getting swapped for tools

Now all I see is death when I watch the news
Cops killing niggas unarmed, no motive
Locking niggas up just to meet their quota
Everybody high, ain’t no more sober
Pop pills, snort pot, and codeine their soda
Revelation last days, man it’s almost over
Niggas dressing like women, purse on they shoulder
Streets got a lot hotter, niggas’ heart got colder
Got to keep the grass low so I can watch them cobras
The good die young, barely out their strollers
Babies having babies like y’all ain’t notice
Short attention span so y’all ain’t focused
The new generation looks so damn hopeless
Girls wanna be hoes, ain’t no more Oprahs
Now the game over, ain’t no more token
Signs of the times, man that’s what woke us
We don’t stick together man, that’s what broke us
Niggas hate niggas like they in the Klan
I guess Usher ain’t the only nigga got it bad
Only way a nigga listen ‘less you got a bag
Fellas can’t get a job ’cause he got a pass
Niggas living on the Gram like he paying rent
Fronting for an app, man they gotta brag
Message got her self-conscious ’bout the way she look
Now she flying out the country just to get her ass
I swear this world so

Crazy, ain’t it man
I was just thinking the same thing
These niggas think selling dope is cool
We did that shit just to maintain
And we didn’t take pictures, the game changed
Do it for the Gram my nigga
That’s between you and Uncle Sam my nigga
Got a plug, you the man, well the whole time you payin’ my nigga
Might as well stamp that, vouched for you so many times
Who you think they ran it by nigga?
Had a lot of love for you, right now none at all
Really I been planning how to kill you with kindness
Just want to remind you I’m grinding
When shit don’t go right I just blame it on timing
When you don’t get your way it’s Jermaine every time
I’ma give you what I owe you, pay you no mind
Invoices all in my inbox
And I’m hearing voices every time the call drop
They done run a nigga hot with the small talk
‘Bout to get another spot ‘fore the ball drop
You don’t find out how they feel ’til you fall out
I was tryna keep it real, that’s what you thought about me?
I can do better by myself, I’m better off without you
Comments in my mentions, I continue counting
Y’all wanna hear something crazy? I love every nigga that hate me
I thank everyone that betrayed me
Did I forgive ’em? maybe
I feel a lil better ever since I scribbled this shit on this paper
Fuck it, I’m fresh out of favors
Fuck this shit Kevin, just save it (GhettOut)

That’s all, that’s my job, huh, that’s my job
And I usually don’t hear it with people
‘Cause like I told you before
My mama hear the shit I be sayin’, she call the police on me, huh
And so that’s what I’m telling you now


Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout