Starlito – Where I’ve Been

Singers: Starlito
Albums: Starlito – At WAR With Myself Too
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Lyrics Starlito – Where I’ve Been


There’s an awful lot you can tell them
Where they goin’, where they been
I ain’t gon’ lie or none of that goofy ass shit
Ahh, Lito

They trying to figure me out
I don’t want to rap, I know my shit tapped
I went and started a business
The moment I noticed I was out growing the trap
I can’t even fold all these racks
I got some dough on me that I won’t show on an app (put it up)
Them niggas know where I’m at (pull up)
I’m guessing they knowing I’m strapped
One deep and it’s on me (always)
Room full of people, I’m lonely (Lito)
I don’t really need no new homies, matter fact fuck a friend
My bitch keep asking where I’ve been
When I’m out, I’m getting it in
I ain’t going out if I can’t get it in
I’m growing up, I’d rather flip then spend

I guess you wonder where I’ve been
I’ve been grinding hard, fuck you been at?
I guess you wonder where I’ve been

I’ve been ducked off, in the cut, tryna tuck it all
Not spending much like I’m above the law
I’m in a rental hustling, might just fuck it off on a Bentley truck, nah
Run it up right in front of you, give me a month or two
Even if it don’t go right, I’ll be alright, I did what I wanted to
Never know what you might run into
What if you ain’t have that gun with you?
Can’t remember when I put it down

Scared my nightmares might come true
Is life fair? I know karma’s real
Got a dark past and my nerves bad
I’m right up the way from, from where I used to serve at
Know the school to live at, your fake ass raps, I lived that
Offline I really get at it, Lito
Get the package, gymnastics, big facts, I’m in traffic
Your bitch happy, i just had her get nasty
‘Cross the street from Kirkpatrick, money was my first habit
Hustlers we the worst addicts, just look at what I earned rapping
Got on my grind, ain’t turned back
I earned that, I deserve that
Same hood where I damn near got murked at
To confirm that, now I fly out every chance I get

I guess you wonder where I’ve been
Ain’t no tellin’ where I’ve been
I’ve been a little bit of everywhere
I guess you wonder where I’ve been
Been through it all, ahh
I guess you wonder where I’ve been

Two standing orders in this platoon
One, take good care of your feet
Two, try not to do anything stupid, like get yourself killed


Starlito – At WAR With Myself Too