Starlito – Allegedly

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Open Cases
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Текст Starlito – Allegedly


They spend more time on the gram then they spend with they kids
I lend what you spend, still in the Benz with a cig
I was on the run when we went through that mid

I was on them bars I don’t remember pullin up on your bitch
She snuck me on the snap, my bitch been trippin ever since
Police ass, shit man I don’t fuck with evidence
Nigga disrespecting it’s gon be whatever then
Let a nigga slid, that’s some shit I never did
They say I’m monotone, I probably need some melody
My real life on these beats, I’m trying to beat these felonies
What you think I’m fucked up?
I ain’t selling shit, flight risk with a scale on me
And I ain’t never miss, allegedly

Mobsquard Nard:
I’m with two bad bitches they gay, allegedly
Trying to beat them out the head, without getting ahead of me
I’m on the phone speaking money, ain’t got a speech impediment
Intelligent went and got the shit straight out the rap, no settlement
Got a pocket full of blue and pink, this not no baby shower
When they pull in my rental it be smelling so baby powder
I been on bond so long, my last hearing was eighty thousand
I was on my way to boosie house, when they found an ounce in?
I be clowning, hit the sports button, I’m drowning
We got new flavors like
Just say bye to that new wave, I got a new J for my round
Seen 20k the last few day, got a new k they right round me
Quick to pick you up, I might
Get to stick you up, you might
I got to count it up right fast, get the black badge

I get a toe tag, if you try to double hit back
I ain’t never been the one for getting slow cash
Hit she hit the nigga one time, she never coming back to living low cash
Middle finger up the one time
I be in the trap grinding getting more cash
It’s dat


Starlito – Open Cases