Starlito – Fi’e That Dope Up

Исполнители: Starlito
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Текст Starlito – Fi’e That Dope Up


First of all, y’all should know I got no problem murkin’ y’all
Just know that it’s a purse involved, if you want one of these verses dawg
Freestyle, naw, but while you’re at it, free my nigga Red
And Jay, and Cee, and CJ too, and, and free Lil Tez

And ?, every real nigga on the run
Tryna get this money dawg, ridin’ dirty with a gun
One in the head with one of these nigga hoes, smokin’ a blunt, gettin head
I can’t even lie, this weed so fuckin’ loud, man, I ain’t hear nun’ she said
They say that they don’t fuck with me, I echo their sentiments
Shouldn’t be so difficult, keepin’ ’em out my business then
Back with the shit, shit a brick when the shipment in
Twelve hundred for the zip, nineteen racks get you a split, my friend
Dope high, so am I, sell that shit before it dries
Lil’ niggas doing odd jobs, like it’s GoldenEye
Hood bitch, put us on your spot, they wear no disguise
Just go home with ’em, leave the door unlocked, then look so surprised
Just scream and act like you don’t know them guys

I’m just tryna get this money dawg, out here on the grind
Somebody gonna die if you try to take mine
For the love of money, I’ll commit a hate crime
And you know you going hard when you pray for state time

I remember, I counted my first fifty thousand dollars
I had at least a quarter million worth of problems
Turned into a strap-a-holic, we always shoot after brawlin’
Got a bitch that got a bitch and they both on a half a molly
Whole trash bag of broccoli, heard I got them pounds
Bail in a motel bath tub, that’s a nervous breakdown
Got them bricks bitch, but I’m only servin’ eighths now
Grind Hard motherfucker, come and taste a K round
That Mac 11 get hot after five shots

So I put a coolant on the nozzel, wh-wh-why stop
You can tell I’m on the syrup when I hop
Out the car, smellin’ like the inside of my jar, I need some eyedrops
My drop drippin’ wet, just left the tire shop
Indo, Livestock, why ain’t I just buy a block?
Forgiattos sittin’ up high enough to say hi to Pac
These lil’ niggas just lie a lot
Wouldn’t have survived on my block..