Starlito – I’m Gone

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Trapstar
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Текст Starlito – I’m Gone


On everything

Let the Band Play
I’m telling ya, don’t get this shit fucked
These streets ain’t nothing

To get up out this shit, was our only mission
From counting up in homie’s kitchen
Four deep, four loaded pistols
High speed, throw them bitches
Momma always told me, ‘better watch them niggas you rolling with’
Had to grow up with him, just to find out I don’t know this nigga
Probably pull up to the party in that car he rented
And that broad he with, yeah he bought that bitch
Holla after karma catch up with ya
Yeen ain’t even swiping, you on that fraud shit, ahh shit
Too many missed calls, shit I can’t call it quits
Never sipped no qualitest, Hi-tech had a tolerance
No I’m poppin seals to bust ’em down, I’m selling it
And I think my smartphone way to intelligent
I bet you ain’t never been in the cell with it
What they call that, contraband
Hell nah I made bail to quick
Waitin on the mail to hit
Niggas make a statement, seeking payment on a settlement
First 10k came off the pavement
I was raised up not regretting shit

Trapperman Dale:

Nah I ain’t regretting shit
Riding behind tint, with this lil bitch who claim she celibate
I can go for hours, if I take some of this medicine
I keep telling Star he fucked up riding with all that weaponry
I’m all about my celery
Two felonies, and I keep telling dukes I might stop selling that
Hard you make eighteen racks, the next day that they mail you that
This sack chasing ass bitch, seem like this hoe right here just smell the sack
I hope she know she won’t get not a thing, now go and tell her that
I bet my racks on six and eight, Renzo might can tell you that
DA say the DEA been on my ass, I’m telling facts
I’m stashing racks, my Louie bag smell like half a P in that
If I don’t pick up my phone, off top then I’ll call you back I’m gone


Starlito – Trapstar