Starlito – Important (Freestyle)

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout
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Текст Starlito – Important (Freestyle)


Trapperman Dale:
All this coke on me right now and we don’t do scales
Ran off last week with that sack and I don’t do deals
Might be chillin’ in the VIP, this draco right here

On the E-way, plenty freebase here
She want it raw, say I bought it
I ran it up before they snort it
I’m never sober, what’s the story?
I cop a five, Robert Horry
I’m sending five shots, magazine hot
But they won’t let us see the story
I’m in the same spot with the same pot on hot to cook up on a birdy
That bitch a thought, that bitch a burden
My mama told me not to serve you
I’m on the west, I’m in the circle
I’m tryna cut it nigga, hurry
I’m callin’ Lilo like I’m tryna see the Porsche and let my neighborhood record it
I leveled up, I feel important
I still will take off with a fortune
I still will pull up in a jungle, swerve to Benihana’s just to watch the floor shift
And watch your bitch ’cause she adore me
I might just like her do the chorus
It’s always been official when some real niggas link and grind up on some money
I don’t discriminate with hundreds
You not with us then you a dummy

Red Dot:
You not with us then you a dummy
You rachet bitch, you just so bummy
You screenshot a nigga, tell my bitch I was shovin’ dick in your tummy
My new new she from London

Fuck her, she came, it was running
Brown leather, double whipping Porsches
Designer sneakers, no more Forces
You know I grind hard, did that from the start
I used to trap out a bucket
Ain’t signing no deal, can’t three-sixty me
I’ma keep selling dope like fuck it
Been on the road, I been doing shows
I’m toting that seven, I tuck it
I leveled up I feel important
I’ma sit the Sprinter on some Forgis
You rap niggas you just bore me
Pussy niggas I’m extorting
It’s my time, don’t ignore it
If I see twelve I’ma floor it
You niggas a lie, you a story
You rappin’, my life is my story
Went to the pen, couldn’t avoid it
Still keep them bales in the storage

I been doing this for years
Since Level Two was the premier
Since back when we was sneaking straps in level A to A every time you would see us
Bomb on me like Korea
Chopper knock out your veneers
I got this thirty ?
with my shell casings, treat ’em like some souvenirs
Fuck it, that’s what it is
Make my young nigga tattoo a tear
Counting racks with my peers


Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout