Starlito – Like Mike

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Текст Starlito – Like Mike


Intro: Commercial Snippet

And the other guard from Lower Merion High School
Number 24, Kobe Bryant

Verse 1

Mister referee you got a sub
Yea I’m coming off the bench but I’m not a scrub
Fresh out of high school, went pro, I got a plug
But sixth man of the year is just not enough
I’ve been plotting bruh since I been rocking Nautica
With the Jordan 10s that I must’ve read the bottom of
A hundred times, your accomplishments gave me confidence
So when I shoot never think I’mma miss
Just trying to catch up, no condiments
Had a incident and I been using condoms since
5 rings, 1 MVP
But to be 1 better than you I had to triple me
Son of a Jelly Bean…

Interlude: Kobe Interview

Verse 2
I came in the game a motherfucking king
Throwback jersey, Hummer truck, at 18
Street dream, do it for my team
And as luck would have it, I couldn’t leave the scene
7 years wasn’t enough, guess they want my life
Man, I can’t do it by myself and you know I’m right
Prolly watched Space Jam a hundred thousand times
Space Jams, tenth grade in the lay-up line
Say I’m lying, but don’t nobody want it with me
Say what you like, the youngest to ever run a city
No rings, 2 MVPs

Strapped like the Jordan 8s, I’m riding with the Heat

Interlude: LeBron Interview

Verse 3
Kobe you got the last 2, you got LeBron stressed
That’s karma King James, should’ve did the dunk contest
Bitch I’m me! Got a statue of my logo
LeBron you’re right — no one should wear my number no mo’
You should have to win a title before you go pro
Then maybe you’ll understand, right Melo?
Fist pump, tongue out, Jumpman
Sometimes you dreamed that you was me when you were young man
Freshman coach said I ain’t stand a chance, still gamblin’
Name wasn’t on the list for the cuts, but it’s a brand
You your own legends — you don’t need me to embrace y’all
Would’ve had 8 rings but I was swinging at baseballs