Starlito – Love / Hate

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Open Cases
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Текст Starlito – Love / Hate


Mobsquard Nard:
Ima just tell you some G shit bruh, I look up to Lito
Just watching bruh grind, like we I didn’t have no money, flat broke
You know what I’m saying

Just seeing his career transition to the point where he just the GOAT right now
Just hearing bruh say that its just on some shit like
I understand bruh put me in this shit, and he ain’t just no anybody
Love and the respect on the track, that means so much to me
There is people who see me, and won’t acknowledge me, or fuck with
It ain’t no love then, for Starlito to have a brand already, for him to have his own shit
His own shine, his own money, and his own everything
And to shed light on my shit like that, that’s a real thing
That’s some real nigga shit

Okay, I love choppas, I love stunting
I love to be the one my niggas in jail can call when they need some money
I love money, you know I love cutting open them units
I love pulling up in foreigns, I love getting head
I love music it’s dat, I love being underrated
I love haters, I love grinding hard for that paper with my real soldiers
I love to have them bitching jocking, I love shopping
Love when that bank roll in my pocket
I ain’t lying nigga, I love being ?
I love smoking
Love it when I see big cause and he loaded, he came from nothing look at him
I love life, love when there on the dice, when that light hit the ice city night
Love it when my plays tell me there is pressure, I love extra
I love showing they ass that checkup ain’t now flodging either
I love to show love to my people
I love living illegal, you know It’s Dat every time I see you love it how we treat ya


I love my niggas who can be they self around me, and if I’m wrong they gonna tell me about it
Secretly wish I could help everybody, but you got it if I got it cause you my partner that’s love
If I ain’t got it, and you need it don’t make me feel bad about, we all had options
Drug task watching, and listening
I hate whispering, I hate fake niggas, and being videotaped without permission
Look, I hate snitching, and lazy bitches
I hate waiting, my patience paper thin
Got a pay me to pay attention
Tell my haters this ain’t an image, personal shit I hate I met ya, I can admit it
Anything I say I meant it, wait a minute made a way without a gimmick
Hate to admit it I’m really about my business, but I’m conflicted I can’t get up out my feelings, Love me or hate me same difference

Mobsquad Nard:
These niggas hatin, they so full of themselves
Man I’m talking about me and bruh putting out so many different varieties of music
You know what I’m saying, we ain’t got a specific project
With all the songs we doing, we got a bright future
Starlito he helping me more than anybody with a mouth piece ever
I thank Lito more than I thank my mother fucking lawyer
You hear me, bruh I’m ‘talkin bruh really speaking for a nigga
It’s to the point, where It’s Dat


Starlito – Open Cases