Starlito – Strange Fruit Roll Ups

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Текст Starlito – Strange Fruit Roll Ups


Verse 1: Starlito


Damn, what im suppose to talk about
Rather make you sit and think or laugh or cry then walk it out

No dis to UNK its I just that I been lit for months
Sipping till I’m pissy drunk
I smoke that road kill my swisha smell like I lit a skunk
This um, well board em with this rap shit
Like asking Gabby to do a back flip
Ask if I’m not already
Accomplished and happy
Because my thoughts scattered
Disregarding what I once thought mattered
Tell me I’m cold, I’m not at all flattered
More so mortified
Because my horse is high
Need a tall latter
And now my watch got stones like a drunk kidney gall bladder
Ah rappers, ya really thought that yall mattered?

Damn, Right now it just occurred to me, (that)
Love, is nothing but a word to me, (and)
Girl, if looks could kill you murder me, (please)
Just make sure that its first degree

She say she love me can’t see past the watch and chain
Which is strange cause I call her love simply cause I forgot her name
I’m notorious for that pop pain (lito)
Not a sneaker head but my kick game soccer main (hah)
Smell what I’m cooking?
Its gone get me rich, bitch
Call me Roc James

At my show I smoked an O in Bama
Like Barack’s name, 93 octane
All Hundreds in my pocket, I will not change
Lito guwap alot, I get lotta sloppy toppin
Shop alot, shopping bags, turkey bags, trash bag gang
Riding with a quarter thang, crashed in the rain

Verse 2: Starlito)
Just cause I’m ignoring your
Doesn’t mean I’m ignorant
Might call you from my other phone
Tell you call my other phone
That just mean I’m getting it
Now my shit legitimate
No that don’t mean we Innocent
Well welcome to a world where we living at
Gangsters and scholars
Niggas selling 4 quarters at a time
Trying to impress 10 dimes
But everybody gonna change for a dollar
Could’ve sent your child to collage
But instead I painted my impala
B.I.G. tried to tell me it came with these problems
Just bought a yoppa like
Who gonna rob em? ya right
I hit that head right
A R with the red light
Same night getting head at a red light
Bout green dollars, see blue lights great read rights