Starlito – Stuck With You

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Текст Starlito – Stuck With You


Robin Raynelle:
I can’t deny it,
Wanna be beside ya every time you not with me
A love for you, you will not believe

(Is that right?)
If you get locked up I’m not gone leave
(That’s too trill)

I’m stuck with you
&& I don’t know what to do
I’m stuck with you, (yea)
I’m stuck with you (yeaa)
Im stuck with you

I guess I’m stuck with ya

Ooh, you get on my nerves
I don’t fuck with you, but I fuck with you
I guess I’m stuck with you

Verse 1:
Down ass bitch, Hold me down
You deserve the world
Once I get this money right, I promise I won’t hurt you girl
Patience is a virtue girl, The wait gone make it worth it more
In the mean time I keep lying & manage to hurt you more
Just came back off my first lil’ tour
Can’t complain, I’m worth a lil’ more
Crazy lil side ho’s worse than before
Give em the curse now it hurt to record
Told me you’ll work with ya boy, End up breaking down work for ya boy
Quit school, Don’t go to work no more
30 something purse coulda purchased a Porsche

I ain’t trippin’, I got it but I ain’t a trick
Consider all of this back pay for the charge you took back in ’06
Broken heart that I know I can’t fix
Had to hear ’bout every other bitch
Quit listenin’ to them messy ass ho’s
I told you them ho’s ain’t shit


Verse 2:
She got a old man, But she want a young nigga
& when I’m done with her, I tell him «Come & get her»
She like the end-zone, The way I run up in her
& then I celebrate, & then here come the penal-ty
See she was in her zone so I went deep (So deep)
So deep I put her ass to sleep
With ?
Lito, cause I’m right back in the streets
In the rare case that I do, I count cash not sheep
With ?
bags for me, Lets keep that discreet
She got me, back on my feet
Help me get my magnum in peace
The first one, Well my fourth one
But the first one after the deal, yeah that’s for real
Now post it up, Bend over quick & hold 7 with a whole bag of pills.
Shawty Trill