Starlito – Sure Enough (Freestyle)

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout
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Текст Starlito – Sure Enough (Freestyle)


You don’t know my struggle, you can’t feel my hustle
Type shit, GhettOut, it’s the type of time I’m on, ayy, GhettOut
This worrisome ass bitch just keep asking where them dollars at

Ayy where that rent money at?

Tried to flip an income tax
Bought a quarter chicken with that
But nah it didn’t come back
You ever been so broke or frustrated you picked up a gat?
As far as hope, it ain’t been much lately, your bitch on your back
And this nigga on his IG page flashing fifty plus racks
Slipped the drop his location, door get kicked like click clack
Where them dollars at nigga?
This ain’t a drill, I’m for real
Still kill or be killed, real niggas feel how I feel
Let ’em live for the Ville, trust me I’m tryna chill
But I still don’t give a fuck and ain’t gon’ leave one in my will
C been out for ’bout six months and Dot been free for ’bout a year
Up the road if someone slumped, they rather see me out of here
I got a year, no I don’t care, out on bail, fresh out of jail
Californicating, relocate, my old spot hot as hell
What’s mine no man can take away, I got it by myself
I’m probably high as hell, still ain’t got no lies to tell
Still shell shocked from some shootouts in 2006
Graduated, made it to the college with zips
When y’all gon’ realize these rap niggas really counterfit?
I oughta flush one of you niggas, you so full of shit, bitch


Starlito – Starlito's Way 4: Ghettout