Starlito – What Was I Thinking Pt. 4

Исполнители: Starlito
Альбомы: Starlito – Insomnia Addict 2
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Текст Starlito – What Was I Thinking Pt. 4


GhettOut, ah
I just be scribblin’ in my lil journal, you know
It’s Lito

Can’t please everybody, I ain’t even gon’ worry about it

Can’t stop ’em from talkin’ ’bout me
Ain’t concerned what you heard about me
Streets talking, yeah word of mouth
I can spell it out, I prefer the count
Grinding for what you whining ’bout
In the hole but I’m climbing out
One in the hole, catching plays
Running routes, flying out
Don’t post corners at the screen door
She get out of pocket, leave the ho
(Man it all started way before All Star, man it’s Lito)
Paid my light bill by my birthday, drop a mixtape on my court date
Seem like you never know ’til it’s too late
(Seem like you never know ’til it’s too late)
Mama used to tell me watch your friends, now I’m like what friends?
Who can I trust in? will I ever love again?
Supposed to went to counseling, instead I used my ink pen
Round trip from the sunken place weekly, let that sink in
Gambling, fornicating, drinking, anything but sleeping
What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking at all
Nah, I just took a loss, who can I call? feel like my phone off
I ain’t heard from none of y’all except when you’re gossiping like broads
Fuck what you heard and don’t speak on what you saw
I got grief on me from OB, so-called street niggas so flawed
Keep my heater in my drawers, you lil bitch
I just skeeted in her jaw, you probably leave it in her raw
You gon’ be with her for life, I’m gon’ delete that ho tomorrow
When I get too bored I might just need that ho to borrow
I just binge watched Ozark, I’m ’bout to Benz on them boards
Wonder if they got a clearance for all this revenge in my heart
Feel the vengeance in my veins, so much pain, man I’m scared
Never change for no change, I remain the same
As when I came in this game, Jermaine used his brain
‘Cause nobody never gave me anything
My purpose is to give hope, nah it ain’t to entertain
Use my mistakes as education, I made it through the rain

You take a million dollars, ’cause every nigga I see wanna be millionaires
You take a million dollars and change it into seconds
A million seconds is thirteen days
Take a billion dollars and change it into seconds, it’s thirty-two years
Who wanna be a millionaire but a fool?


Starlito – Insomnia Addict 2